Booking & Payments

How do I begin booking my event?

Please fill out the inquiry form to the best of your ability. I will promptly respond.

What is required to reserve my wedding date?

I require a signed agreement along with a non-refundable $150 deposit in order to reserve your wedding date. Please note that the deposit goes towards your total services.  All weddings are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Is there a hair and makeup minimum in order to book my wedding?

Yes.  I require a 3 person OR $400 minimum to book on Saturdays.  (Ex:  Hair and Makeup for the Bride and one other person).

Is it required to book both hair and makeup through you?

No. Brides have the flexibility to book hair services or makeup services individually.

Are you able to accommodate large groups?

Yes. I work with parties of all sizes. I have a team of hair and makeup artists that I work with to accommodate larger groups.

What forms of payment are accepted?

I accept all major credit cards (Venmo, Paypal, Square)along with cash and check payments. However, any payments made on the wedding day must be in the form of cash.

Is gratuity included in your pricing?

No. Tips are not included or expected, but are greatly appreciated!

Can I change the number of hair and/or makeup services after booking?

Yes.  Add-ons are always welcome as long as the increase in number is communicated as soon as possible. If removing services, I would need to know 30 days prior to the date of the event. For larger bridal parties, I reserve my hair and makeup artists for that event and the number of services they will be performing.

Bridal Trial

Is booking a bridal trial required?

No. You are not required to schedule a bridal preview. However, I do recommend a trial because it allows you to figure out what hair or makeup style you may want on the actual day. Should the bride prefer to not have a trial, I do ask that photos of desired hair and makeup looks be sent.

Do I have to do a bridal package?

No. Bridal packages are there for the Bride’s convenience as an all inclusive option. However, I do have A La Carte options as well.

Other Information

Why should I book a professional Makeup Artist?  Why cant I just do my own?

Having a professional makeup artist is important because most of us have had a lot of training in knowing the best colors and products to use based on your specific features, skin tone, skin type/texture, etc.  Photographers and videographers use High Definition lenses, which means that the images are going to be sharper and more detailed.  A professional makeup artist can ensure that your makeup looks flawless in photos and on camera, and most importantly….that it lasts all day! If you think about it, photos are the one thing that you will have to look at 20 years from now, and you want to make sure that you are happy with the way you look in them.

What is the difference between a Makeup Artist that is self taught and one that is certified/licensed?  Does it really matter?

There is a HUGE difference!  Someone that is self taught most likely has not been trained on proper sanitation, color correction and skin undertones, time management, business management, and so much more.  Someone that has gone to school for makeup artistry has learned the proper way to cleanse the skin, what products to use based on your skin’s specific needs (oily vs dry), product ingredients to ensure that you don’t have an allergic reaction, what colors of products should be used based on your eye color, color correct pigmentation, skin undertone, etc.   Professional makeup artists run their business as a business, which means that they tend to be more reliable.  All of these things are important to consider when considering a makeup artist and their prices.